Reading is brain food for kids.

Have you fed a brain today?

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Have you fed a brain today?

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According to the 2018 Voices for Alabama's Kids Count Data Book, one in four of Alabama children live in poverty compared to one in five nationally. These families face many struggles each day to care for their families. In a recent study of children in poor families, neuroscientists found that differences in brain structure were particularly present in areas involved in memory, language-processing, decision-making and self-control.

While we cannot solve poverty for these families, we can provide opportunities for each child to develop a healthy brain and be ready to enter school ready to learn.

We all agree that sharing books together builds healthy brains in the children pediatricians see each day in their practices. This year we are asking for your commitment to "Feed A Brain A Month" by making a monthly pledge of $50 -- enough to feed one child's brain with brand-new books to share every day with their parents.

Let's make sure that EVERY child in Alabama has a healthy brain and an opportunity for a bright future.

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